1Most people in the world go to a dentist when they are having problems with their teeth or just want to get their annual check up. For most people in the world, however, you might want to rethink this action for your next dental need.


The health of your teeth is likely to affect everything in your body, so it is a really good idea to be sure that you are taking care of them well. You are probably not going to realize it right away, but when your teeth are not in good shape, there is something in your body that isn’t either and even if you think you feel well, you probably could be feeling a lot better if your teeth weren’t toxic.


 Holistic dentists from this homepage are a great option for anyone that wants to stay away from toxic teeth. This is a dentist that will keep your teeth healthy without using some of the harsh chemicals that you might find in other dental situations. For example, holistic dentists don’t use amalgam fillings because they have mercury in them; instead, they go for non toxic gold fillings. When you are looking for a dentist in the future, you are definitely going to want to keep this in mind, even if it might not seem like it is all that important (it really is pretty important).



Another great thing about holistic dentists is that they use a much less invasive procedure method for most things. It is true that this is not necessarily the most popular way to get your teeth cleaned. Holistic dentistry is not a type of dentistry that is recognized as a specialty, such as orthodontics. There are a lot of extensive training programs that these types of dentists can go through from the state, but there is no certification that they get for completing those courses. A good source to find dentists that have done the training would be the Holistic Dentistry Society. Visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/dental-health/ for news about dental health.


Holistic dentists are very keen on viewing one’s mouth as a small part of the whole picture, which would be your  body. Holistic dentists also are more likely to use porcelain, gold, or plastic for many medical procedures that are done in your mouth. Holistic dentists are not the types of dentists that will use fluoride or laughing gas and in addition to that, they hardly ever use x rays unless they really need to. Click here to search for dentists near you.