13Holistic dentistry is in part philosophical and in part medical. Holistic refers to a philosophy of care for the whole, or overall care. A holistic dentist understands how dental care is part of the body’s overall health and teaches their patients about that. Leading from this approach, a holistic dentist will give care that helps not just the mouth but the whole body. A few of the common dividing practices between holistic and traditional dentists are tooth fillings, root canals, fluoride, and biocompatibility.


The difference of opinion on the usage of mercury fillings is probably one of the most talked about differences between traditional dentistry and holistic dentistry. Traditional dentist promote the use of mercury fillings. Although the primary point traditional dentists make is the longevity of the filling, the fact that they are easy to replace and usually covered by insurance is important as well. Mercury is a toxin, however, and holistic dentists are aware that even minute amounts are harmful to the body. Holistic dentists use composite fillings rather than mercury fillings. Go here to book an appointed for a dentist.


Root canals are a way of dealing with severe tooth decay that traditional dentists frequently use. Traditional dentists will tell you that it is an effective method that has been used for centuries and will save the natural tooth. Studies have shown that root canal therapy is not completely effective due to the impossibility of getting rid of all of the bacteria in the canal, and holistic dentists paid attention. The chemicals used, such as formaldehyde, and the remaining bacteria also pose potential long term health risks such as cancer, heart disease, and others. For these reasons, holistic dentists usually avoid root canals. Learn more about dentistry here at http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/dentistry.aspx.


The two schools of dentistry disagree about fluoride as well. Ingested fluoride, not just topical fluoride, is favored by traditional dentists. They bring up studies showing lowered cavity rates in locations with fluoride in the drinking water. Holistic dentists are concerned about all forms of ingested fluoride. Holistic dentists point to studies showing that there is no benefit to the teeth from ingested fluoride, and that there are proven links to cancer and bone problems. Too much fluoride can also cause fluorosis, and that adding fluoride to public water supplies is morally wrong because it forces an unproven medication on the public. Visit website of a reliable dentist here.


Holistic dentists also take the time to check that the materials they use are compatible with your body. Traditional dentists do not generally explain what materials they are using or give you different options to choose from.