Dental AssistantA Quick Summary


Holistic dentistry, or biological dentistry, groups together the fundamentals of modern dentistry with natural, old-fashioned healing practices. Holistic dentistry is much like holistic medicine, sharing the idea that the treatment of one part of the body affects the condition of the rest of the body. Therefore holistic dentists believe treatment of the mouth is treatment for the body as a whole. The mouth is, in fact, believed to have a heavy potential to affect, as well as reflect, the general health of a person.


This in mind, the practices of a holistic dentist from this website will likely include areas of the body other than the mouth alone. Nutrition and its dental effects might very well be discussed in an appointment with a holistic dentist, as well as a few nonstandard treatments. Healings include:


Hair Analysis: in which your holistic dentist examines a portion of a patient’s hair to assess the nutritional health of the body and thus determine the need for supplements and even detect diseases.


Applied Kinesiology: in which your muscles are tested for weakness and imbalances in nutrition, which general health issues are believed to be related to. Muscle strength etc. are determined by harmless arm/leg reflex tests. Read about orthodontists here at


Cranial Therapy–“listening” to the bones of the skull with very light touch, under the belief the patient’s body with self-correct the bones and relieve pain in the neck, head, and jaw muscles.


Auriculotherapy–treatment  of the ear under the assumption that doing so affects the body and internal organs. Holistic dentists place needles or send light currents of electricity into specific points on the ear believed to affect a specific internal organ.


Natural teeth, mouth, and gum care, as well as integrative orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry are also practiced by holistic dentists. But keep in mind, holistic dentistry by its core essence does not only deal with teeth. In terms of orthodontics, holistic practitioners see teeth alignment as fixing the alignment of the patient’s body as a whole.


The Pros of Holistic Dentistry


Holistic dentistry is for those who also believe in holistic treatment and prefer the full-body consideration of holistic dentists to the limited scope of standard dentists. Holistic dentistry offers a greater range of therapies than normal dentists can practice.


Holistic dentists, for one, would strongly suggest removing believed-to-be toxic mercury amalgam fillings, and offer homeopathy and dental acupuncture.


If you are considering holistic dentistry, we encourage you to check in with a medical expert, and/or your health care provider, as the information in this article is not meant substitute professional advice. If you wish to find out more, check it out!