4Feeling as if how you treat the body results in the health of your mouth is a general rule of thumb as far as holistic dentistry goes. Regardless of appearances, they feel as if you treat your mouth like a temple, your mouth will treat your body as such and result in an overall healthy body.


Holistic dentists from this website want to know what kind of food you eat, beverages you drink and activities you take part in so they can get an overall feel of what your dental health should or could be. Every decision a holistic dentist is going to make will be made based on the rest of your life, most of which has little to do with dental hygiene. If your holistic dentist wants to treat any dental problems you may have, irregular and often what many consider strange tactics may be used.


Should a holistic dentist encounter something along the lines of an infection, they’re likely to prescribe antibiotics. Sometimes antibiotics work against infections and sometimes they don’t, but holistic healers usually feel as if they cause more problems than they solve. Instead, they typically choose to use materials that are biocompatible. Learn more about dentists here at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dentist.


The treatments that regular and holistic dentists choose vary considerably. Certain procedures, such as root canals, that are intended to remove the root of a tooth to prevent further infection, are typically not performed by holistic dental professionals because they don’t believe an infection will subside simply by removing the root of an infected tooth. The majority of holistic dentists would consider this procedure dangerous, as it could harm the patient further.


Silver fillings, otherwise known as amalgam fillings, are also a touchy subject for dentists that practice holistic healing. Amalgam contains mercury, so holistic dentists fear that any type of mercury inside the body could lead to severe bodily harm. Porcelain and gold are two commonly used fillings that holistic dentists prefer because of their lack of mercury.


Holistic dentistry dentists try and make your smile both beautiful and healthy. A standard dentist is also trying to do the same thing, but they do so using much more traditional practices. Both clean and sterilize their equipment, however only the general dentist will use chemicals in doing so, while a holistic healer will mostly really on steam.


It’s not uncommon to see holistic dentists take into account the impact their work has on the environment. They often try and use lower doses of radiation and digital x-rays while practicing their imaging instead of traditional methods. Instead of using sharp cutting tools and scalpels, holistic dentists from http://www.smile-matters.com/services/mercury-free-mercury-safe-restorations try and use laser technology as often as they can, and they even try to avoid chemicals for pain management as well.


Most people hear about what is involved in holistic dentistry and they shy away. However, a great deal of people that give them a shot end up shockingly pleased. Few people tend to care what kind of dentist they go to as long as they walk away knowing that they have a healthy smile.